MySQL is implementing another release model

is going to let go thier traditional release model for a new one.

As it is stated in an announcement. This is done to have more frequent and timely GA releases of the MySQL server, which allow a faster integration of new features and complex changes.

If you are just interested in maintaining a stable server you will not be affected. Because this will just be for development versions.

The basic principles of this model are:

  • The trunk is always at least in beta quality.
  • A milestone starts in beta quality (never in alpha) with a merge between the trunk and a stage tree;
  • Milestone releases, with RC quality, released every three to six months.
  • Integration windows between milestones allow the insertion of new features from staging trees
  • GA releases happen every 12 to 18 months;
  • There are not more than two releases in active support.

Which should look like this:

My Sources and the complete story’s see: Pro-Linux (in german) and MySQL


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