Proxmox VE 1.3 released

VE 1.3 is released on the 4th of June.

The following things have been changed in Proxmox VE 1.3:

  • Updated Kernel
  • Support for Highpoint RR3120
  • Removed OpenVZ limit of 50 machines
  • Update to kvm-86
  • Vzdump: minor bug fixes
  • Qemu-server: added new ‘tablet’ option

Download the ISO image, burn it to CD-ROM and boot your server from CD-ROM. For details see Installation

  • Download via http: Proxmox VE 1.3
  • Download via bittorrent: Proxmox VE 1.3(MD5SUM is 6ddefdba42121ea24b4e1a3b17d93355)Important note

    If you run windows KVM guests your operating system will recognize some hardware changes on the first boot and windows shows a new network card in the device manager. (e.g. you need to reassign the fixed IP setup to the new network card. if you have DHCP setup there should be no issues). Under some circumstances reactivation of your windows license can be necessary.


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