Opera released version 10 Beta 1 of their webbrowser

has released Beta1 of thier new version of Webbrowser 10.

The new things in Opera 10 Beta 1 are:

  • Opera Turbo is a compression technology that provides significant improvements in browsing speeds over limited-bandwidth connections like a crowded Wi-Fi in a cafe or browsing through your mobile phone while commuting.
  • a resizable tab bar. Drag the handle underneath the tabs to reveal thumbnails of your open Web pages.
  • Customize your Speed Dial to fit your own needs. Hit the configure button and choose from 4 to 25 favorite Web sites for quick access every time you open a new tab. You can also add a custom background so you feel right at home.
  • Web intergration.  If you use a Web mail service as your default mail client, you can tell Opera 10 to do the same.
  • Presto 2.2 engine in Opera 10 to be much faster on resource intensive pages such as Gmail and Facebook. In addition, with an Acid3 100/100 score, Web Fonts support, RGBA/HSLA color and SVG improvements.
  • In-line spell check.
  • Auto-Update.

And some more features can be found here!


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