OpenSolaris 2009.06 is released

The latest release of the OpenSolaris Operating System is released and its version number is 2009.06. It is a powerful and complete operating environment for users, developers and deployers!

There are many improvements for the administrator and the users in this version, here are some of them:

For the Administrators here some features:

  • Virtualisation: Support for setting VLAN ID for virtual network interfaces attached to a guest domain running on a Xen hypervisor has been added.
  • Project Crossbow brings network virtualization and resource management to OpenSolaris 2009.06
  • improvement in  the area of IP observability, allowing the developer or administrator to use common packet sniffing tools such as ethereal and snoop to view all IP traffic sent on real and virtual paths.
  • OpenSolaris CIFS service now includes many new features such as host-based access control which allows a CIFS server to restrict access to specific clients by IP address, ACLs (access control lists) on shares, and client-side caching of offline files and synchronization when reconnected.
  • HA Clusters

For the User it brings:

  • FireFox 3.1 Beta3
  • Quickly back up your user home directories with a new snapshot management feature in Time Slider
  • Multimedia with Codeina and Elisa
  • A new time tracking panel application has been added to help users track their time better for those involved in project work with a client.
  • IPS has had a number of improvements with this release, including a significant reduction in memory use.
  • The Package Manager has received a number of improvements particularly around start-up performance and the user experience of the application.
  • Improved Hardware support
  • And many more things

To read all changes look here. and here to  Download OpenSolaris 2009.06.


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