Desktop-Benchmark of LiSoG is coming in Juni

The Linux Solution Group e.V. has announced an Open Source Desktop benchmark.

This has a business need, cause : Computer benchmarks are used to describe the performance of computer systems. They provide a possibility to compare computer systems with each other!! The Business need is caused by a EU council directive. This directive aspires to ensure equal opportunities for small and medium enterprises concerning tenders of applications within public organizations.The referred Edict can be found at EU – council directive.


  • The legal requirements for the procurement in local authorities are met with a benchmark.
  • A specification for an Open Source based benchmark suite for desktop systems will be created.

The projects target group

  • Organisations and companies that have to invite tenders for office systems in regard of product neutrality
  • Organisations and companies that medium-term want to use a benchmark running on Linux as reference
  • hardware vendors for office systems and Linux distributors

You can read the whole document at LiSoG website.


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