explore new ways to extend & personalize your Firefox

Mozilla is going to extend firefox with a new add-on feature. This feature makes it possible to install add-ons without have to restart your firefox browser.

Mozilla want with Jetpack to add a new Add-ons-Plattform and hope to increase the number of  the Add-ons-developers. The first version of  Jetpack (0.1) is capable of:

  • Initial Jetpack APIs with support for statusbars, tabs, content-scripts, animations, and more.
  • Support for external API libraries (e.g. Twitter)
  • jQuery support
  • Integrated development environment with Bespin, with immediate installs and a fast development cycle
  • Inline debugging with Firebug
  • This initial release of the Jetpack API does not include a fully formed security model. It is being released for testing, development, and feedback.

The Jetpack-Initial version is just for testing, developers and to gain feedback.  To make it easy to get some work done with Jetpack the developers have made a Tutorial and some Demos . Jetpack can be downloaded here.

Source: Mozilla Labs


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