Proxmox an update!

Due to my interest in virtualisation technologies I like to try things. And as mentioned before I think proxmox will be my choice of virtualisation technology at home.

Why? because it is free, it works!!


Today I have converted my Free Citrix Xenserver to proxmox, this due to an error on the xenserver with a vm, and second because I needed a second KVM compatible machine.

I also did a migration from the master node to the newly node from a windows xp machine.  And it went smoothly. I am still very impressed by it. But I like it very much.

So you also want a cluster with proxmox? Here is how to do it:

On the machine which should be come the master node you type:

  • pveca -c

On the machine which should be come a node within the cluster you type:

  • pveca -a -h <ip address of the master node>    e.g.:


And your cluster is done… yes that simple, of course the nodes are going to synchronize with each other.

After this you can do a live migration or a migration to the other node. Good luck and keep me posted how it went.




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