Proxmox live migration tested! And it….

An update:

I have installed Proxmox on two different type of machines, the configuration is:

  1. AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+ with 4GB of Ram
  2. (Intel Atom)  Genuine Intel(R) CPU  230   @ 1.60GHz  with 2GB of Ram
  3. network = 100Mbit

With this configuration I have migrated a debian OpenVz  virtual machine from the AMD to the Intel Atom machine. And I can report to you it really works nicely. Also migrating the virtual machine back from the Intel Atom to the AMD X2 with online migration is working very nicely.

I am very impressed and this offers possibilities. I go so far that it will become my virtual enviroment of choice, but this after a test with migrating a KVM virtual machine back and forward, this ofcourse can’t be done with my current configuration, so I have to do an installation of proxmox on another machine with virtualisation technology inside it and this supported in the BIOS!  I will post my results here.



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