Proxmox Virtual Enviroment

Proxmox Virtual Environment is an easy to use Open Source virtualization platform for running Virtual Appliances and Virtual Machines.

It is able to use the OpenVZ and KVM virtualisation methodes, for the KVM you will need a processor which supports cpu virtualisation so it should have AMD-V or INTEL-VT technology on board. Many CPU’s have this, but mostly they are disabled, so it should be enabled into your BIOS , if this is possible!

I have had a quick look at Proxmox, cause the idea of a Open Source virtualisation enviroment would be to good to be true, yes there is a company behind it, and yes ofcourse they like to sell thier applications, but the Proxmox Virtual Enviroment is licensed under the GPL 2 license.

A quick look deserves a quick review:

  • Installation piece of cake (watch out your harddrive will be erased so make a backup)
  • amount of interactive action are little.
  • management is through a ajax based website (you need java to be installed for the VNC console).
  • First impression is very good.

I give you here the vision of proxmox:

“Setup a complete virtual server infrastructure within 1 hour.” Starting from bare metal, it is possible to create a full featured enterprise infrastructure including an email proxy, web proxy, groupware, wiki, web cms, crm, trouble ticket system, intranet … – including backup/restore and live migration.

Nowadays people are faced with more and more complex server software and installation methods. But Proxmox VE is different.

Proxmox VE is simple to use:

  • Pre-built Virtual Appliances
  • Install and manage with a view clicks
  • Selection of products for the use in the enterprise

Proxmox VE is licensed under GPLv2 (Open source). Open source and commercial Virtual Appliances are supported.

Source: proxmox


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