Debian is switching to EGLIBC

The Linux distribution Debian is going to switch from GLIBC to EGLIBC according to the blog of Aurelien a Debian developer.

EGLIBC is a variant of GLIBC and is source and binary compatible with GLIBC.

The EGLIBC (Embedded GNU C Library) was originally developed for embedded systems, but due to its compatiblity with GLIBC it can replace it. Many binaries in Linux distributions are dynamically linking to the GLIBC library, it reduces the size of binaries and, when a bug is fixed in the library, it is fixed for all applications. This  also means it is relatively easy to replace it with a compatible alternative such as EGLIBC that has better support.

The reasons to make this change are:  that the change promises to improve development, especially with regard to dealing with other developers, bug reports and submitted patches. In the past, the GLIBC developers have been regarded as somewhat unfriendly. Bug reports are often rejected because they were based on older version rather than the current version of a particular distribution from the Concurrent Versions System (CVS) and are often closed without any explanation.

Other benefits will be the support for platforms other than x86 processors , shells other than Bash to which GLIBC is still closely integrated. Also, EGLIBC has better testing tools that run on multiple platforms and is more configurable allowing, for example, components like NIS or RPC not to be compiled into the installer.

Source:  h-online and Aurelien’s weblog

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