CentOS 5.3 is available

Two months after the last update of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5 the CentOS-development team has released their version 5.3 distribution for the x86 and X86_64 processor architecture.

The update consists of a number of enhancements and driver-backports for improved hardware support. For the first time Intel’s Core i7 processorarchitecture is supported.

Some improvements are::

* for Virtualisation:
o Xen for x64 supports now 126 cpu’s;
o maximal 1TB of Host memory support;
o Virtual machines can have a maximum of 32 cpus and 80GB of RAM;
o Faster graphical speed display through the Virtio-driver for virtual machine in KVM;
o Intergrated functions for Huge Page Memory and Extended Page Tables (EPT);
* Encryption of Root- and Swap-partitions is now possible;
* Filesystem GFS2 is fully supported;

CentOS 5.3 is available as .ISO format in CDROMs or DVDROM.


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