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Alien Moon base ? Are we getting the whole truth?

april 30, 2009

Alien Moon base ? Are we getting the whole truth?

In a recent news gathering I found out that NASA is going to get cold feet of placing a base on the moon.

So I went and seached the web, and I found some distrubing information, look at the video:

[zdvideo width=”425″ height=”344″][/zdvideo]
Well explain this then? Is it fake or not?


Dreambox DM800HD PVR

april 29, 2009

Yes indeed I finally bought me a Dreambox 800 HD PVR.
It is a nice powerfull satelliet reciever and very compact too.
Very good picture qualities especially through the DVI interface.
Dreammultiemedia have done it again, it was a bit strange to getting used to the db sginal quality. but this is just a thing that is what it is.

Contents of the box:

  • DM800 HD PVR
  • Sata-cable for an internal 2.5″ harddrive
  • DVI to HDMI cable
  • Second backplate in case you like to switch the DVB-S for a DVB-C or DVB-T card
  • Scart plug for audio and video out.
  • Netadapter + powercable for the DM800, so we got an external powersupply!!!
  • Remote controle, just the dream button has got another name it is now called menu (the gray dream button).
  • 2 AA batteries for the remote.
  • Manual for the DM800 (menu controle and so on).

Everything is easy to install and the menu’s are clear , so start viewing your great dm800 pictures

Eislon’s blog is re-opened

april 22, 2009

Welcome to, this is the blog and news section.

Here are some interesting things told about the most different things.

This blog is in english, perhaps someday in other languages if I find a translator plugin.

Below this entry are some news moves over from  the joomla counterpart were you can find reviews en howto’s , mostly for linux and the dreambox, but it will be a general site.

CentOS 5.3 is available

april 1, 2009

Two months after the last update of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5 the CentOS-development team has released their version 5.3 distribution for the x86 and X86_64 processor architecture.

The update consists of a number of enhancements and driver-backports for improved hardware support. For the first time Intel’s Core i7 processorarchitecture is supported.

Some improvements are::

* for Virtualisation:
o Xen for x64 supports now 126 cpu’s;
o maximal 1TB of Host memory support;
o Virtual machines can have a maximum of 32 cpus and 80GB of RAM;
o Faster graphical speed display through the Virtio-driver for virtual machine in KVM;
o Intergrated functions for Huge Page Memory and Extended Page Tables (EPT);
* Encryption of Root- and Swap-partitions is now possible;
* Filesystem GFS2 is fully supported;

CentOS 5.3 is available as .ISO format in CDROMs or DVDROM.